Carried out sociological researches:

– December 2010 – Sociological research “Human rights in Ukraine, level of xenophobia, attitude to migrants and refugees, attitude to displays of extremism”

– February 2011 – Sociological research “Human rights in Ukraine, level of xenophobia, attitude to different social groups and regional tolerance” (the first wave)

– April 2011 – Sociological research “Thoughts and views of national minorities of Ukraine”

– May 2011 – Sociological research “Phenomenon of the cyber-hatred in the Ukrainian Internet space”

– June 2011 – Sociological research “Regional tolerance and extremism in Ukraine”

– November 2011 – Sociological research “ Human rights in Ukraine, level of xenophobia, attitude to different social groups and regional tolerance” (the second wave)

– April 2012 – Sociological research “Regions of Ukraine in images and stereotypes of mass consciousness”

Conferences and round tables:

– March 2011 – International conference “World religions and civil society against hatred and extremism”

– May 2011 – Conference “Jews and Muslims against hatred and extremism”

– May 2001 – International conference “Tolerance and hatred online: global challenge”

– November 2001 – International conference on participation of Romania in Holocaust

– April 2012 – Kyiv Interconfessional Forum

– April 2012 – Round table “Kyiv – Jerusalem: dialogue of religions against hate and extremism”

– June 2012 – Round table “Is there racism in Ukraine?” (together with the Institute of Ukrainian Politics)

Draft laws:

– On alternation of laws on securing of rights to obtain pension by citizens of Ukraine, staying abroad

– The draft Law on prevention of restrictions of ethnic and national, religious, gender rights when introducing the dress-code in job-place

– The draft Law on return religious property to religious organizations

– The draft Decree on carrying out of parliamentary hearing about readiness of forces to resistance to threat of extremism and terrorism

– The draft Law on urgent evacuation of citizens of Ukraine from other states in case of emergency.

– On Days of Remembrance and Days of Mourning

– On alternation of some legislative acts of Ukraine (concerning securing of the right to celebration of national and religious holidays)

– On alternation of the Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications” (concerning securing of the right to the freedom of receiving and transferring of information in the Internet)

– On alternation of the Law of Ukraine “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” (concerning the right of citizens to introduce a draft law under availability of 100 thousand signatures supporting it)

– On alternation of the Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On protection of consumers’ rights” (concerning the right of consumers to photo- and video-recording in places of goods sale)

 Scientific activities:

Participation in round tables, conferences and other scientific events devoted to the issues of interconfessional and intercultural dialogue, observance of rights of national minorities, emigrants and refugees, prevention and overcoming of displays of xenophobia and extremism.

Data of researches carried out by the Institute serve as basis for reports of European and international organizations, activity of mass media, for scientific investigations and developments. The evidence of scientific value of results obtained by the Institute is the defence of dissertations, where the materials provided by the IHRPEX are used. One of the recent examples is the political sciences candidate’s dissertation of O.B. Severinova on the subject: “Strengthening of tolerance in multicultural society: comparative politological analysis”.