Institute of Human rights and prevention of extremism and xenophobia is a non-profit scientific and educational organization aimed at promotion of fundamental human rights and freedoms in Ukraine in order to achieve the highest European standards. Areas of activities of the Institute include researches and analysis of the situation with human rights observance as well as implementation of projects to prevent violations of these rights, ethnic, religious and minority rights, appearance and growth of extremism and xenophobia in Ukraine, as well as in the Central-Eastern European region.


1. Studies of human rights, national, linguistic, religious and other minorities, the analysis of major issues and trends, preparation and publication of regular reports, conducting sociological studies of the situation with human rights and minorities;

2. Studies of roots of religious, racial, ethnic intolerance, their forms and tendencies, researches of extremist radical movements, elaboration of ways of their prevention;

3. Analysis and comparison of the legislation and practical providing with human rights and minorities in Ukraine, Russia, US, EU countries, Middle East and other regions, study and exchange of best practices;

4. Interethnic and interconfessional dialogue, ensuring of adequate representation of ethnic and religious minorities in state bodies, political parties and public organizations;

5. Public discussions of tolerance, projects to create a space of tolerance in Ukraine and the Central-Eastern European region; training to prevent violation of human rights, exchange of experience and trainings of citizens to counteract xenophobia and intolerance.

O. B. Feldman is the founder of the Institute.