Oleksandr Feldman: “One can read the Ten Commandments from parchment, one can read them from laptop, but their meaning will not change because of this…” | May 10, 2012

The leaders of the largest world religious communities tried to find a clue to the dialogue, mutual respect and tolerance during the 2nd Interconfessional Forum in Kyiv.

About patriotism of victims and Post Genocide Syndrome | February 28, 2012

The problem of Holodomor in Ukraine was worth to be raised for the sake of future generations of Ukrainians. But it is necessary to know how to competently deal with this fragile non-material resource of the nation’s transformation!

Tolerance and xenophobia researches are the key to intercultural dialogue | January 25, 2012

The interest to the study of intercultural interaction in contradictory conditions of the modern globalization processes constantly increases in social sciences.

Oleksandr Feldman “I remember perfectly well how Israelis and Arabs lived in peace in Israel…” | January 20, 2012

The year 2011 marked the new hot spots on the Peacemaking map of the world.

Ethnonational policy: crisis of management or understanding? | January 18, 2012

The parliamentary hearings devoted to the ethnonational policy have passed. The leading idea of the hearings was the statement of the increase of xenophobia in Ukrainian society, call to protection of rights of national minorities and activization of the policy in the area of ethnonational relations.

Fourth wave nationalism: what’s old is new again | December 19, 2011

As well as all other social phenomena, this one is historical. Nationalism in its development undergoes several stages and obtains specific forms, which change one another as the result of alternation of intensification and slackening of nationalistic attitudes in mass consciousness. It is possible to say that several “waves” of nationalism may be traced back.

Sociology is against migrant-phobic propaganda | December 16, 2011

Migrant-phobia turns from the traditional ideological favourite subject of right radicals into the convenient means for mass political mobilization, often used by quite respectable European leaders.

Immigration could help the economy of Ukraine | October 4, 2011

In order not to have social tension and conflicts, the state must concern with legal status of immigrants.

The US Department of State named 8 countries, where the freedom of religion is restricted | September 15, 2011

According to the report, since 2009 the list of countries, where the situation with religious freedoms “is of particular concern”, remains unchanged.