Oleksandr Feldman: No ‘tradition’ can justify anti-Semitism in modern society | December 24, 2019

The President of Ukrainian Jewish Committee, the founder of the Institute of Human Rights and Prevention of Extremism and Xenophobia (IHRPEX), Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Feldman has commented on the scandalous post made by the Vodafone Ukraine company’s spokeswoman Viktoriia Pavlovska.

ECHR: Ukraine Must Reform Whole-Life Sentence Review Procedure | March 20, 2019

European Court of Human Rights called on Ukraine to reform its procedure for reviewing whole-life sentences.

Court: Germany Can Return Refugees to EU Countries with Worse Life Conditions | March 20, 2019

Germany has a right to deport asylum-seekers to the other EU countries even if they may face worse life conditions there.

European Parliament Urges to Introduce New Sanction Regime for Human Rights Violation | March 19, 2019

The members of the European Parliament have supported the resolution urging to new sanctions aimed at punishment of state and non-state actors for gross violations of human rights.

Eurostst: Numbers of Asylum-Seekers from Ukraine Fell in 2018 | March 19, 2019

Last year, 8,500 Ukrainians sought asylum in the EU.

Human Rights Advocates Accused EU of Complicity in Violence to Migrants | March 18, 2019

Human rights advocates have declared about the complicity of European governments in systematic violence to asylum-seekers and their forced deportation to camps in Bosnia.

Czech Republic in Cooperation with Ukraine Arrested 12 Foreigners for Migrant Smuggling | March 18, 2019

Czech police has arrested 12 foreigners and accused them of bringing migrants in the country from Southeast Asia and providing them with fake IDs.

Thousands of People March against Racism in Milan | March 5, 2019

Tens of thousands people marched in Italy’s financial capital on Saturday to protest against the policy implemented by the populist government, which, according to them, promotes racism.

Intolerance to Ukrainians Increased Significantly in Russia – Council of Europe’s Report | March 5, 2019

The level of intolerance to Ukrainians in Russia has increased significantly since 2014, after the illegal annexation of Crimea and Russia’s military aggression, which caused armed conflict in the east of Ukraine.

Hungary Stirs up Campaign against EU Leaders on Migration | February 26, 2019

Hungarian government has stirred up its campaign accusing the leaders of the European Union once again of promoting mass migration to the continent.