March 27, 2018

Norway plans to ban paranjas in educational institutions

Norway’s government has proposed the bill on banning the paranjas, which completely hide the face, in universities, schools and kindergartens, Reuters reports. 

It is known that France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, and the German state of Bavaria introduced restrictions concerning full-face veil wearing in public places. 

Finance Minister Siv Jensen declared that Norway might become the first country in Northern Europe to introduce this ban in the field of education in case of the adoption of the bill by the Parliament. 

Jensen, who is also the leader of the anti-immigrant right-wing Progress Party declared that the ban would send a powerful signal that Norway is “an open society where we are going to see the face of each other.” 

It is known that the local ban of burqas (covering the whole face) and niqabs (covering everything except eyes) has already been introduced in some secondary schools in Norway.