March 21, 2018

300 Ukrainians asked asylum in Poland in 2017

For the first time, 300 citizens of Ukraine asked asylum in Poland in 2017, being the second largest group of asylum-seekers in this EU country, UNN informs with reference to Eurostat. 

This figure makes up only 10% of all asylum applications in Poland made for the first time. 

Russians with 2,120 applications (71%) surpassed Ukrainians by the number of asylum applications in Poland in 2017 becoming the first in this list. 

Citizens of Tajikistan are the third in the list of asylum-seekers in Poland – they submitted 85 applications (3%). 

Ukrainians asked asylum for the first time mainly in Italy (30%) – 2,710. Spain with 2,185 applications (24%) is the second destination country for Ukrainians, and Germany is the third one with 1,090 applications (12%). 

The total of 8,945 Ukrainians asked asylum in the EU countries. It should be noted that in 2017, Ukrainians did not ask asylum in Croatia and Slovenia at all. 

The total of 649,855 asylum applications were submitted in the EU in 2017. The leaders among asylum-seekers are Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

 It should be reminded that Poland declared about more than 2 million migrants from Ukraine.