Museum of Religions opens in Kharkiv


July 7, 2015

Museum of Religions opens in Kharkiv

The Museum of Religions, which is to be created in Kharkiv on the territory of the Regional Landscape Park Feldman Ecopark, must become not just a museum, but also the debate club, a platform for the interconfessional dialogue, for the search of the solutions of the urgent questions of the society development.

This was stated by the Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Feldman on July 6, during the opening of the exposition of the Museum of Religions in the AVEC gallery. 

“We live in difficult time, when the world faced the epidemic of violence, and the world community experiences the renaissance of religious confrontations. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge about each other, about religions. Ignorance causes fear and hate. We can learn tolerance through knowledge,” the MP considers. 

According to his words, the Museum of Religions is the continuation of the Kyiv Interconfessional Forum. 

“Despite all the difficulties and the war, Ukraine must not lose its role of the platform for the interconfessional dialogue of all world religions,” Mr. Feldman declares.  

The exposition “Museum of Religions” is the part of the humanitarian project of the  International charitable fund “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation.” The creation of the multimedia exposition complex on the territory of the Regional Landscape Park Feldman Ecopark will become the further implementation of the project. 

The exposition “Museum of Religions” is based on the sacred artefacts and the works of art from the private collection of Oleksandr Feldman, Feldman Fаmily Museum. 

These are the portrayals of Buddha, the gods of Hindu and Shinto pantheons, the Tibetan ritual conch shells, the sacred Muslim swords Zulfiqar, the African magic figurines Nkisi, the ritual candleholders Menorah, the drawings and the sculptures devoted to Judaic topic, the Christian icons, the pectoral crosses and many other items. 

The important part of the exhibition are the reconstructions of the ancient temples and shrines from different places of the world. 

It should be reminded that the previous week, Oleksandr Feldman visited Vatican on the official invitation of the Pope Francis. During the meeting with the pontiff, the MP told about the project of the multimedia exposition complex “Museum of Religions” and invited him to Ukraine to visit its opening ceremony.