April 24, 2013

Feldman: Not only police and prosecutor’s office must struggle against xenophobia and extremism

Speech of O.B. Feldman during round-table “Armenian Genocide 1915: without the right to oblivion”

(Kyiv,  I.F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, April  22, 2013) 

Dear participants of the Round-table! 

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers and to note the importance of the holding of this authoritative meeting in memory of the terrible tragedy in the history of the Armenian people, the scales and the number of victims of which make our flesh creep even today. 

I think that I shall express the general opinion that this is the symbolic event in the case of the maintenance of the historical memory of the people. 

Moreover, we must understand that the maintenance of the historical memory of the peoples today, under the conditions of the evident spreading of radical moods in the world, requires vigilance and unity from us in order to oppose the displays of extremism and terrorism. 

The main reasons for the modern terrorism include poverty, misery, political speculations in these issues, and, as the result, radicalism in attitudes and behaviour. 

Moreover, it is important to act in advance in these issues, not waiting for a fire to flame up. 

The following phenomena, which often precede and accompany the terroristic threats, shall not be disregarded: 

- the connivance of all those who create hate and intolerance in society; 

- the systematic unpunished spreading of xenophobia in mass media; 

- the political speculations in the area of interethnic and interconfessional relations; 

- rampageous attacks on and cruel beating of people with other colour of skin, of other religion and nationality. 

These and similar facts must be the serious signal for all of us and for the officials. This signal indicates that the heightened attention to the state ethnic and national policy, to its regular fulfillment and ensuring is required. Otherwise, the situation may get out of control. 

We must not forget about the responsibility for the maintenance of the traditions of mutual understanding and accord established in our polyethnic society. 

That is why, not only police and prosecutor’s office must struggle against xenophobia and displays of extremism. 

The culture of tolerance and civilized international relations must be formed in all strata of society, as well as in state authorities. 

All these issues are literally the priority ones for Ukraine from the point of view of the securing of peace in the society and the guarantee for the integrity of the country. 

Moreover, the public organizations of national minorities of Ukraine shall remain the reliable partner of the state in these issues. 

The example of these partnership is the today round-table organized by the Union of Armenians of Ukraine headed by my colleague, the people’s deputy of Ukraine, Vilen Shatvorian.  

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that being the head of the interfactional parliamentary group for protection of national minorities in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the seventh convocation I shall act in every way possible for the state ethnic and national policy of our stare to correspond to the general European values, the protection of human rights, the development of Ukrainian political nation, the respect of languages, culture, traditions, historical memory of the representatives of all ethnic minorities living in the country, the ensuring of the general national and cultural autonomy. 

We shall cope with the problems only together! 

Thank you for your attention! 

I wish the productive and constructive work to all the participants of the round-table!