Jews and Muslims to begin joint struggle against extremism


May 12, 2011

Jews and Muslims to begin joint struggle against extremism

Today joint conference «Jews and Muslims against hatred and extremism» was opened in Kiev. The conference is initiated by the Institute for Human Rights and Prevention of Extremism and Xenophobia (IHRPEX), Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU, USA), and Ukrainian Jewish Committee. 

Issues of stable dialogue between Muslim and Jewish communities of Ukraine and CIS countries, cooperation for countering growing Islam-phobia and anti-Semitism are being discussed at the conference. 

The following personalities participate in the conference: head of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev, first deputy chairman of the of Spiritual Administration of Muslims of European part of Russia Damir Muhetdinov, first deputy head of Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, head of Spiritual Administration of Chuvash Republic, member of Public Chamber of Russian Federation Albir Krganov, head Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine Jacob Dov Blaih, head Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Asman, Chairman of Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine Josif Zisels, and other public persons. 

"It is very symbolic that today's dialogue between Muslims and Jews we conduct in Ukraine, which is mainly Christian and secular country. Today any Muslim or the Jew in Ukraine can reach his objective without discrimination and religious pressure." 

"At the same time, Jewish and Muslim communities are minority  which are compelled to face the general risks in Ukraine and together search for new answers on anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and extremism calls», Oleksander Feldman said opening the conference. 

The initiative for aligning of Islamic-Jewish dialogue and effective counteraction to aggravated social diseases — to terrorism, extremism and racism - was supported by Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU, the USA). «I want to thank to organizers of conference for their initiative and for starting of such a dialogue. Similar work has been conducted for a long period of time in the USA and Canada. The basic conflict is now observed between people who confess tolerance and those who want to destroy life. We should oppose powerfully to all who sows violence and spreads extremist ideas, and I am proud that Jewish community first stood against growing Islam-phobia and stated that attacks on a mosque will be perceived as an attack on Jews», FFEU President, rabbi and public person Mark Shnajer declared. 

Aider Bulatov, chairman of Republic Committee for Religious Affairs of Autonomous Republic of Crimea noticed that in order to avoid interethnic conflicts the environment for peaceful co-existence of all communities should be formed at the state level.”There is still no adequate doctrine for decision of ethnic and religious problems in the country», he said. 

Present conference became the second event within Kiev Interfaith Forum that was opened on March 28-29, 2011, and was distinguished with the international conference «World religions and a civil society against hatred and extremism».