Feldman: Kyiv may become the Universal Centre for interreligious dialogue


April 27, 2012

Feldman: Kyiv may become the Universal Centre for interreligious dialogue

Kyiv has all the possibilities to become the centre of the interreligious dialogue as, for example, Davos, which became the centre for economic forum, considers the peoples deputy of Ukraine, the founder of the Kyiv Interconfessional Forum Oleksandr Feldman. He stated this in the air of Radio Era. 

“Why not Ukraine to become the place of holding of the regular interreligious dialogue? More than 30 nationalities live here. We are the good example of interethnic and interreligious tolerance, confirmed by the history. Thus, during the 20 years of independence there were no conflicts becoming the military ones. Is this not the indicator? I easily contact people of all confessions. The 21st century may be called the century of tolerance in comparison with the 20th, which was marked by two world wars. We must value the peace and develop tolerance in order not to repeat the mistakes of the history”, the people’s deputy said. 

According to his words, the Kyiv Interconfessional Forum, carried out for the second time, copes with the set task – the cultivation of the sense of tolerance in society and establishment of the equal right dialogue, regardless of religion and ethnic and national origin. 

“If to assess the results of the Forum’s work, than everything is going well at the present point in time. We succeeded in gathering the representatives of different religions at one table and in establishment of the dialogue between them without the rights of anyone’s chairmanship. This is the dialogue on equal grounds. The third meeting of the Forum will have somewhat another nature: in addition to the representatives of the church, we will invite politicians professing religious principles. It will be the lively public dialogue of the high-society and spiritual power”, O. Feldman noted. 

Answering the question of the host about the fact whether the policy of multiculturalism was defeated, as stated by the European leaders A. Merkel and N. Sarkozy, the founder of the Kyiv Interconfessional Forum gave the negative answer. 

“I strongly disagree with the opinion of European politicians, who consider this way. I think that these are very emotional statements. There are no other alternatives for the humanity. We just should not approach this question as the total assimilation, as it is impossible. This is the serious problem, which must be solved by way of a tolerant dialogue. It cannot be solved at one sitting, the problem must be spoken about, and spoken for a long time, it is necessary to not get tired with education of the society – we just have no other way”, O. Feldman said. 

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