September 21, 2011

The International Conference of Parliamentarians took place in Kyiv

The International Conference of Parliamentarians, devoted to the problems of anti-Semitism and hatred in society, took place in Kyiv on September 19, by the initiative of the people’s deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Feldman. 

The Ukrainian parliamentarians, as well as the members of the parliaments of other countries and officials from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Israel, specifically – the Vice Speaker of Bundestag of Germany, the Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, the Vice Speaker of Knesset of the State of Israel, the Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Great Britain and other countries took part in the event. 

During the conference, the reason of which was the 70th anniversary of the tragedy in Babyn Yar, the questions of the nature of human intolerance, models of its display and the ways of resistance to spreading of this phenomenon as the socially dangerous disease were discussed. 

“We must not forget the tragic lessons of history whatever painful and cruel they were, otherwise it may possibly repeat in future. The society must realize threats, which are caused by such seemingly first-priority challenges as xenophobia, anti-Semitism and hatred. But if we shut our eyes to this today, tomorrow it may become the scary movie coming true for us, where the ideology of violence, race intolerance, national, religious and other persecutions”, Oleksandr Feldman noted. 

The adoption of two resolutions was the result of the conference: the one of them on the establishment of the Museum of Jewish heritage in Kyiv, which would be at the same time the depository for Jewish artifacts, the memorial place for destroyed communities and the place of great achievements of Jewish people; and the other one is the resolution on Babyn Yar, which currently is in the condition of partial junkyard and vegetable gardens, which is unacceptable, when the matter is about death of tens of thousands of people. 

Besides, Oleksandr Feldman decided to carry out the similar meetings in the form of annual international dialogues for mutual understanding against hatred. 

It should be reminded that the International Conference of Parliamentarians started on September 18 beginning with wreath-laying to the victims of the tragedy and memorial ceremony in Babyn Yar.