January 31, 2019

UNICEF Needs $21 mln to Help Donbas Children

In Ukraine, UNICEF needs $21.1 mln in order to meet the needs of families suffering from the conflict and living within 20 km from the both sides of the contact line on Donbas. The situation is especially critical for 400,000 children. It was informed by UNN with reference to the statement of UN Children’s Fund. 

According to the information, these means will make it possible for UNICEF to fulfil its key obligations connected with the provision of humanitarian assistance to children, guarantee of access to education, psychosocial support, water and sanitary conditions, mine threat training, protection of mother and child’s health and provision of HIV/AIDS-associated services.

In general, UNICEF notes that it needs nearly $4 billion to provide emergency assistance to 41 million children all over the world. 

“UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children sets out the agency’s 2019 appeal and its efforts to provide 41 million children with access to safe water, nutrition, education, health and protection in 59 countries across the globe.” That is why, it appealed for $3.9 billion to support its work for children in humanitarian crises. 

According to UNICEF, “more than 34 million children living through conflict and disaster lack access to protection or child protection services, including 6.6 million children in Yemen, 5.5 million children in Syria and 4 million children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”