November 14, 2018

10% Increase in Numbers of Ukrainian Migrant Workers in Germany during Year

Nearly 43,000 Ukrainians are currently working in Germany officially. The total of 138,000 Ukrainians live in Germany. 

During the year, the number of Ukrainians working in Germany increased by 10 percent. It is indicated by the data of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Censor.NET informs with reference to DW. 

According to the data as of March 2018, nearly 43,000 Ukrainians in Germany have official job and pay obligatory social fees.

In comparison with March 2017, the number of people increased by 4,000, or by 10 percent. In March 2013, this index was only 29,000 persons. 

138,000 Ukrainian citizens live in Germany. According to the information provided by German statistics agency, as of the end of 2017, the total of 88,000 women and 50,000 men with Ukrainian citizenship. Nearly 13,500 Ukrainians in Germany are minors, while 23,500 are over 65. The average age is 42-43, more than a half of them are married, but only one in three persons are married to the citizen of Germany. 

Censor.NET has informed earlier that Polish entrepreneurs are worried that the number of Ukrainian migrant works decreases in connection with the fact that our fellow-citizen prefer to work in Germany more and more. In order to attract Ukrainians, employers in Poland started to offer higher salaries and more profitable work conditions to them.