November 6, 2018

Trump is to prohibit illegal migrants to submit asylum applications

The US President Donald Trump is going to sign an order the next week, according to which foreigners, who are trying to claim asylum in the USA, will be forced to enter the country only at the official border entry points, AP writes. 

“Migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry,” Trump claimed at the White House on November 1. 

According to his words, migrants entering the USA illegally will be deprived of an opportunity to “gain automatic admission into our country.” 

According to the current immigration law, any immigrant in the USA may submit asylum application regardless of the way he or she entered the territory of the USA. 

Trump called this scheme a “mockery” of the US immigration system and a “loophole” encouraging illegal migration. 

The White House chief also intends to cancel automatic citizenship for children born in the territory of the USA.