Research: One in ten Ukrainians considers it normal to beat woman


November 6, 2018

Research: One in ten Ukrainians considers it normal to beat woman

Every second Ukrainian considers that spanking is no violence. 

These are the results of the poll carried out by the UNICEF in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy and the United Nations Population Fund, TSN informs. 

One in five women in Ukraine is a victim of aggression. 39% of women and 22% of men experienced violence being adult. 9% of men consider it normal to beat a woman. Every second woman does not consider obsessive jealousy and control of partner’s style and clothes as violence. Only one third of respondents consider demonstrative ignoring of a child as violence. 

“One in five women has indicated in the research – and Ukraine is no exception in this question – that she is a victim of domestic violence. Moreover, the fact is that only about 20% of the real number seeks help. That is why the problem is really serious,” says the deputy minister of social policy Natalia Fedorovych. “The campaign is aimed at inducing people to the simplest thing: to talk about violence – in families, with children. By this communication, we already do something to understand what the violence is. First of all, it is necessary to admit that violence exists,” says the UNICEF representative in Ukraine Jama Gulaid.