August 8, 2018

Germany and Spain sign migrant return agreement

A spokesperson for the German Interior Ministry informed on Wednesday about the agreement with Spain on the return of some migrants arriving in Germany, Deutsche Welle reports. 

Eleonore Petermann said that the agreement had been signed by the interior ministries of Germany and Spain on Monday. 

The agreement covers migrants, who were registered as refugees in Spain. They will be returned during 48 hours after their arrival in Germany. The agreement comes into force on August 11. 

It is the first signed agreement of this type, although the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has declared that he was planning to sign the similar deals with other European countries. 

According to the rules of the European Union, migrant arriving in Europe from outside the EU must register in the country they enter first. This country must also process their asylum applications. 

This year, more and more migrants from North Africa try to reach Europe via Spain.