August 7, 2018

Croatian police accused of cruelty and violence against migrants again

Croatian police has been again accused of using undue violence against migrants trying to cross the border from Bosnia, Balkan Insight informs. 

No Name Kitchen NGO, which helps migrants and refugees from Bosnia, accused on social networks Croatian police of beating a migrant providing a photo of a victim. 

According to the volunteers, they were staying in the town of Velika Kladusa not far from the Croatian border, when a man came to them and tried to examine his injuries. He told that Croatian police had beaten him and his friends. 

“He was beaten with a plastic baton few times, and also kicked with boots on his face. We did not want to publish pictures of his face, as he might have problems afterwards,” the NGO told. 

Apparently, the migrant has returned to the town after the attempt to cross the border and reach the European Union. 

Croatian police refused to explain what had happened exactly. However, according to the official statement, it informed that the statements made by people who were trying to illegally cross the border “need to be considered in the context of the situation in which they [these people] are located; during their path, while coming to the Croatian border, which at the same time is the external border of the EU.” 

The international human rights organizations, as well as the range of Croatian NGOs and mass media have documented numerous incidents of unreasonable violence applied by Croatian police before. 

The number of migrants travelling through Bosnia to the EU increased significantly this year. Since the beginning of 2018, more than 9,000 persons from Asia and North Africa arrived in Bosnia from Serbia and Montenegro, including 3,000 persons during the previous month.