August 6, 2018

Germany lifts ban on reunions for refugees

Family reunifications for some refugees were partially renewed in Germany with the limit of 1,000 people a month, Euractiv writes. 

In 2016, German government suspended the right to invited the closest relatives of asylum seekers with limited protection in the attempt to reduce the burden on social workers. 

The ban did not apply to asylum applicants with full refugee status, as they have a constitutional right to invite their families. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and Social Democrats agreed on a compromise to partially cancel the ban starting from August 1. 

“The new rule allows us to achieve a balance between our society’s integration capacity, humanity and security. This is an important element of the government’s strategy on migration,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer stated. 

However, the Greens and the Christian welfare organizations say that the new rules are unfair, as they set vague parameters concerning the selection of a thousand of persons a month. 

The migration officials should take the length of separation, the age of the relatives outside Germany, health considerations and safety into account when selecting the candidates. 

Moreover, the refugees who applied efforts for their integration with the help of language courses, apprenticeship and work, would be given priority to invite their family members.