May 3, 2018

Working group on Roma rights will be established in Kyiv

The working group on Roma rights will be established in Kyiv and it will consist of the representatives of local authorities, police officers and human right activists. The Head of the National Police of Ukraine Serhii Kniaziev told about it during the meeting with the head of Kyiv police Andrii Kryshchenko and the head of the advocacy centre of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Borys Zakharov, UNN reports with reference to the press service of the National Police. 

“Today, the matter is not in the necessity to issue passports for the population, as almost all representatives of ethnic minorities have this main document. We are concerned with their lifestyle, living conditions, care of children, their education and timely provision of medical assistance. We are ready to redirect the work of district police officers, to supplement the personnel with assistance and advisers for our efforts to have positive results in the solution of these issues,” Mr. Kniaziev said. 

The representative of Kyiv police Andrii Kryshchenko said that the city’s police particularly monitor the incidents involving the citizens of other countries or the representatives of ethnic minorities.

 “The police protect the rights of all citizens without exception and do not divide people based on ethnic, race or other grounds. And therefore it must respond in case of the violation of any of the rights,” Mr. Kryshchenko said. 

It should be reminded that the police initiated criminal procedures after the destruction of the Roma’s camp in Lysa Hora in Kyiv.