April 26, 2018

4 million Ukrainian are migrant workers

The total estimate of the number of migrant workers from Ukraine during 2015-2017 is 4 million persons, Interfax-Ukraine informs with reference to the economist of the Centre for Economic Strategy Yulia Ruda. 

“We counted 4 million migrant workers during 2015-2017… This does not mean that all of them are staying abroad. Around 2.6-2.7 million persons of them are staying abroad at the same time,” she said during the press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday. 

According to the expert, Russia and Poland are the most popular directions for labour migration. 

“We made an inquiry to the State Border Guard Service and found out that since the last population census, which was made in 2001, nearly 6.3 million Ukrainians left the country. What does this figure mean? It means that 6.3 million Ukrainians crossed the border and never returned to Ukraine,” the expert told. 

Yulia Ruda added that less than a half of these “departures without return” were made to the Russian Federation (3 mln), the others moved to the EU countries. 

According to her words, nearly 600,000 Ukrainians left the country in 2015-2017.