April 10, 2018

Three Ukrainians detained in Greece for transportation of 60 illegal migrants

Near the Greek peninsula Peloponnesus, the country’s coast guard detained 64 migrants and three Ukrainians who transported them, TAG24 informs. 

According to the coastguard officer, they were trying to reach Italy. Migrant smugglers are from Ukraine. 

Migrants were sent in small groups by minibuses from Athens to the Port of Killini. After that, they were brought to the yacht near the Greek coast. 

There are at least 20 minors among the migrants. All of them are in normal condition and are subject to settlement in the refugee camps in western Greece. 

It should be reminded that on April 6, the coastguard rescued 94 migrants near the Greek coast. 

The number of migrants arriving in Greece by sea has recently increased, although the number of arrivals is far from the indices of the migration crisis 2015.

 Migrant smugglers mainly transport migrants using the unguarded areas along the so-called Balkan route or by sea to Italy. 

It should be noted that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has earlier told in the European Pravda column how Ukrainian sailors transport illegal migrants and are punished in Greece.