March 29, 2018

French government presents new plan to fight racism

The Government of France has presented the new plan for 2018-2020 aimed at the more effective fight against racism and anti-Semitism. 

The plan was presented by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Le Parisien informs. 

It is already the second plan developed by French Government. The first one was introduced in connection with the increase of anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic sentiments after the terrorist attacks in 2015. 

The fight against crimes on the grounds of hatred in the Internet is a key component of the plan. French Government is going to offer the European legislative initiative aimed at the faster removal of unlawful content and the revision of the responsibility of providers. It is expected that French legislation in this field will be also revised. 

In particular, it is planned to intensify obligations in the field of detection, provision of information about unlawful content in the Internet and its removal. 

“What annoys me is that these days, it seems easier to remove the pirate video of a football game than anti-Semitic remarks,” French Prime Minister said.