105 Ukrainians convicted in Greece for migrant smuggling – MFA


March 15, 2018

105 Ukrainians convicted in Greece for migrant smuggling – MFA

As of March 2018, 148 citizens of Ukraine were detained in Greece, including 132 persons accused of migrant smuggling. 

It was stated by the Head of Department of Consular Support under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Vasyl Kyrylych, Interfax-Ukraine informs. 

“According to the results of the meeting in Greek’s Ministry of Justice, which took place last week, Greek side informed that as of March 5, 2018, 148 Ukrainian citizens were detained and arrested in Greece. 105 of them were sentence to different terms of imprisonment, while the other 43 are under investigation or undergo the pre-trial investigation stage now,” Mr. Kyrylych said. 

Among the detained citizens of Ukraine, who are both the members of foreign ships staff and those, who were detained for migrant smuggling, 132 were accused of migrant smuggling. 

MFA representative also noted that 16 citizen of Ukraine were released early according to the court decision in 2017, three persons more were released in 2018. 

“We continue observing the ascendant dynamics of detention of Ukrainian citizens for migrant smuggling,” Mr. Kyrylych noted. 

According to him, Greek legislation provides for up to 25 years of imprisonment for migrant smuggling.