Sociologists revealed who violates human rights the most


December 16, 2010

Sociologists revealed who violates human rights the most

The results of the survey that was devoted to the manifestation of extremism, xenophobia and human rights violations in Ukraine turned out to be quite frightening. They showed that human rights are most often violated by… the law enforcement officials and the local authorities. 

The survey was conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) and the Institute of Human rights. As the general director of the KIIS, Vladimir Paniotto, pointed out, the relevance of certain violations, which are mentioned in the survey, do not always correspond to the actual relevance, and can vary under the influence of the media. 

The Ukrainian society, as turned out during the survey, is more worried about the problems of xenophobia and the migrants. 52% of Ukrainians think positively of migration, and every tenth comes out in favor of the complete closure of borders to the newcomers. On 20%, that is every fifth citizen of the country, is willing to let all in without restrictions. 

The greater part of the respondents thinks negatively of extremism. 8% are able to approve a hate crime, and only 1% approves of it in an open manner.

- Even a relatively small number of aggressive xenophobes can significantly destabilize the situation in the country, - thinks the member of the Ukrainian Parliament, the head of the subcommittee on human rights, Alexander Feldman.  - First and foremost it should be feared of on the eve of the elections of 2012. 

According to the MP, some politicians are speculating on the racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric. They get the opportunity to speak in the media and that increases the ethnic conflicts.