December 10 – the Human Rights Day

In the modern world, the struggle for human rights, equal for each of us, is not less urgent than 64 years ago, when the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


April 8, 2011

UEFA fines FC Karpaty for racist fans

UEFA Disciplinary Committee has disapproved behavior of FC Karpaty (Lviv) fans during a Europa League game against Galatasaray Istanbul on 26 August 2010.

Ukrainian FC Karpaty was fined 25,000 Euros for demonstrating banner with racist content.

During the match, FC Karpaty (Lviv) fans demonstrated a banner with insulting content and the Celtic cross, which is used as a symbol of neo-Nazis. 

The incident is not the first time when Karpaty fans use discriminatory symbolism. According to the monitoring of the Football against Prejudices group and the East Europe Monitoring Centre, there is a wide-spread use of racist and far-right symbols on Ukrainian stadiums. 

Unfortunately, neither the Football Federation of Ukraine, not the Ukrainian Premier League are willing to take necessary measures to combat racism on stadiums.