October 16, 2010

Mr. Feldman thinks, that Ukrainian laws should be written in Brussels

“Institute of Human rights and prevention of extremism and xenophobia” was founded in Brussels by MP Alexander Feldman.

The mission of the Institute should be an adaption of Ukrainian legislation to European standards and a joint search of solutions for common problems in the system of ethnic relations and in the field of human rights, UNIAN reports.

Co-founders of the Institute were Mr. Feldman and head of the International Union “Human rights without Frontiers” Willy Fautre.

According to Mr. Feldman, the mission of the Institute is to create the new and to strengthen the existing bridges between Europe and Ukraine.

“We should not allow an accumulation of mutual phobias and complaints; we should do everything possible to ensure that European integration of Ukraine at the level of ideas and people doesn’t lag behind, and is even ahead of European policy at the level of political and economic standards.” – MP’s press-office quotes.