November 29, 2010

IHRPEX begins the fight against xenophobia in Internet

“Xenophobic expressions are becoming popular while writing comments and creating graphic material in the Internet – thinks Mr. Feldman – All the comments containing international dissention where IP-Addresses of the authors are indicated, will be submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office, and if there will be no IP-Addresses, we will turn to site management with a request to provide us with such data for handing in an application to court.”

The monitoring will be conducted on all popular websites; the results of the analysis will be handed over to the law enforcement.

According to Mr. Feldman, this initiative should not be considered as an attempt to pressure sites or as interference in editorial policy or as an attack on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech implies responsibility for what is said, that is why every wrongful statement should be taken into account and should be assessed under the law.


 “We just want to punish the offenders. And do it in a way that the news sites would not suffer from inadequacy of individual users. – stated Mr. Feldman.


MP thinks that in order for the fight against xenophobia, racism, fascism and political extremism to be effective, a corresponding state program should be developed in Ukraine, to prevent such phenomena.