International cooperation

March 19, 2011

IHRPEX agreed to cooperate with INACH

On March 10, the founder of the Institute of Human rights and prevention of extremism and xenophobia (IHRPEX), Alexander Feldman, together with the secretariat of the International Network against Cyber hate (INACH),, Suzette Bronkhorst and Ronald Eissens, held a meeting in Amsterdam.

During the meeting, they discussed the problems of cyber hate, uncontrolled and unpunished fomenting strife in the global network, challenges facing the society, as well as ways to solve these problems. 

The main result of the negotiations was the agreement for cooperation between IHRPEX and INACH. The partners also expressed the need to carry out projects to prevent the spread of racist and extremist materials in the Ukrainian part of the Internet.

INACH is an international organization, founded in 2002, which unites non-governmental organizations from 18 countries, in order to prevent the spread of racism and intolerance on the Internet and in society.