March 5, 2019

Thousands of People March against Racism in Milan

Tens of thousands people marched in Italy’s financial capital on Saturday to protest against the policy implemented by the populist government, which, according to them, promotes racism. 

According to the municipal authorities, 200,000 people took part in the “People First” march, Associated Press informs. 

The participants urged Deputy Prime Minister Salvini to listen to them, as he, being also the interior minister, blocked the arrival in Italy of humanitarian ships, which rescue migrants. 

The demonstration, which finished in front of the Duomo cathedral, had a festive mood, music and was accompanied by DJs. 

The head of the CGIL labor confederation, Maurizio Landini said that the government of Italy “is promoting the wrong policies, and is not fighting the inequalities.” 

The region of Lombardy, which has Milan as a capital, traditionally demonstrates strong support to the rightist populist party Lega headed by Salvini.