January 31, 2019

UN Obtains Information about Aggression against Refugees from Venezuela

Neighbouring countries have demonstrated a rare solidarity with the residents of Venezuela so far, as the latter started to leave their country due to the economic difficulties and political instability. However, it happens more and more frequently that the information about the aggressive attacks on Venezuelans comes from the region. It was said by Eduardo Stein, Joint UNHCR-IOM Special Representative for Venezuelan refugees and migrants, UNN reports with reference to the UN News.

“In the face of this monumental crisis, the reaction of the countries of the region has been exemplary,” he said. “I have been able to witness the solidarity and commitment of governments, humanitarian organizations and local communities with refugees and migrants from Venezuela. The countries of the region have received Venezuelans with affection, generosity and respect, in the same way that, in the past, the Venezuelan people opened their doors to a large number of refugees and migrants from the region.” 

However, according to him, in recent days, some alarming signals appeared. Venezuelans, who found asylum in the territory of some countries of the region, were subjected to attacks and threats. 

“Although isolated and unrepresentative, these acts of hatred, intolerance and xenophobia are extremely worrying,” Mr. Stein stated. 

He urged the governments and society to “respond with a clear and forceful message of rejection.”