January 30, 2019

Italy Accepted Migrants from Rescue Ship: Seven EU Countries will Take in Them

Italy will allow migrants to disembark after they stayed aboard Sea Watch 3 (belonging to German charitable organization) for more than a week, DPA informs with reference to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. 

“Disembarkation procedures will begin in the coming hours,” Mr. Conte said during the press conference in Milan. 

He informed that seven countries have agreed to distribute 47 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean on January 19: Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Romania and Malta. 

Sea Watch 3 is currently staying at a distance of nearly 2 km off the port of Syracuse, eastern Sicily. 

It should be reminded that on Tuesday, the European Court of Human Rights decided that Italy must provide medical assistance and food to migrants aboard Sea Watch 3 as soon as possible.