January 29, 2019

European Commission Steps up Infringement Procedure against Hungary Due to Its Migration Legislation

European Commission takes the next step in infringement procedure against Hungary due to the country’s violation of EU migration legislation, the Commission’s press release says. 

“The European Commission has today decided to send a reasoned opinion to Hungary concerning legislation that criminalises activities that support asylum and residence applications and further restricts the right to request asylum. On 19 July 2018, the Commission sent a letter of formal notice to Hungary concerning the new legislation. After analysing the reply provided by the Hungarian authorities, the Commission considers that the majority of the concerns raised have still not been addressed,” the press release states. 

Among the violations, which Budapest failed to remove, are criminalisation of support to asylum applicants, restriction of individual freedoms of migrants, and unlawful limitation of the right to asylum. 

In this connection, the European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Hungary concerning the country’s legislation. It is the second step in the procedure caused by the violation of European legislation. 

“The Hungarian authorities now have 2 months to respond to the Commission’s concerns. Otherwise, the Commission may refer the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union,” the Commission’s press release says. 

It should be reminded that on July 19, the European Commission launched the infringement procedure against Budapest due to “Stop Soros laws.” The Commission sent a letter of formal notice concerning the recently passed package of laws stipulating criminal liability for activities aimed at the support of asylum applications lodging and stronger restriction of the right to seek asylum. 

Moreover, the Commission decided to take proceedings against Hungary because the country does not observe European asylum legislation and migrant relocation procedures.