ECHR Found 86 Violations of Convention on Human Rights by Ukraine


January 24, 2019

ECHR Found 86 Violations of Convention on Human Rights by Ukraine

In 2018, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made 86 decisions recognizing the violation by Ukraine of at least one article of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

It was stated by the Court President Guido Raimondi during the press conference in Strasbourg, European Pravda’s correspondent reports.

Ukraine is the third country among the Council of Europe member states. Russia has the biggest number of violations (238 court decisions). It is followed by Turkey (140 decisions). It should be noted that the part of these decisions covered several similar complaints simultaneously.

 Among the legally recognized violations by Ukraine, the matter was mainly in violation of the “right to freedom and safety” (45 decisions). It concerns, in particular, the cases of illegal detention of citizens. The second group (41 decisions) covers unreasonably long proceedings. The third group of violations, which were considered by the Court in 2018, concerned the inability to obtain effective legal protection in national courts. In some of the decisions, the ECHR stated the violation of several articles of the Convention. 

In five cases, which reached the final decision, the violations from Ukraine were not found. 

It should be noted that due to the period of consideration of cases, the ECHR is currently working with violations, which took place before the Revolution of Dignity.

 It has been informed earlier that Ukraine is among top three countries by the number of complaints submitted against it in the ECHR. There is 7,267 cases against Ukraine registered in the Court. The complaints connected with Russian aggression make up nearly 60 percent of the total number of ‘Ukrainian’ cases.