January 22, 2019

Germany Relocated More Than 8,000 Asylum Seekers to Other EU Countries

Germany’s authorities relocated a record number of asylum seekers to the other countries of the European Union last year, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports. 

According to the German Interior Ministry, during the period from January to the end of November 2018, 8,658 asylum seekers were deported to the other EU countries based on the Dublin rules, according to which they must be relocated to that European country, where they were registered for the first time after arriving in Europe. 

In comparison with the previous years, the share of returned refugees increased significantly up to 24.5 percent. Hungary was the single country that refused to accept migrants, while Greece accepted only five asylum seekers.

 It should be reminded that the number of migrants detained during their attempt to enter the EU illegally fell to the record numbers during the last five years. 

The western Mediterranean route is currently the most active in Europe. The number of illegal arrivals in Spain – mainly from Morocco – has increased twice up to 57,000 in 2018.