January 22, 2019

Two Dinghies Sank in Mediterranean, 170 Migrants Feared Dead

Nearly 170 migrants have probably died in the Mediterranean Sea after two dinghies sank near the coasts of Libya and Morocco, Deustche Welle reports. 

Three migrants rescued by the Italian navy informed that 120 persons had been on the dinghy when it sank on Friday. The majority of passengers were from West Africa.

 The dinghy left Libyan coast on Thursday and started to sink approximately 10-11 hours later. There were ten women and two children aboard. 

Libya sent a merchant ship to the area where the dinghy had sunk, but no one was found. 

53 migrants more, who left Morocco on a dinghy, probably died as well. According to preliminary information, the dinghy they were on had a collision with something in the Alboran Sea, but the nature of collision is unspecified. 

Last year, nearly 2297 migrants died or were missing in the Mediterranean Sea, while 116,959 persons reached Europe by sea.