January 17, 2019

UN Secretary-General Presented Priorities for 2019

UN Secretary-General António Guterres claimed that in 2019, the main field of the organization’s work would be climatic changes, and crises in Yemen, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, UNN reports with reference to the organization’s website. 

“To meet the needs and expectations of the people we serve, we must accelerate our work, and it starts by accelerating the surge in diplomacy,” he said in the message to General Assembly. 

“We will continue to strengthen our partnership with the African Union as we strive to consolidate gains towards peace on the continent and press for lasting solutions in Mali and the Sahel, South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo,” the Secretary-General noted. 

He also paid the special attention to Yemen, Syria and Libya.

 “Last month’s Stockholm agreement on Yemen helps to avoid the catastrophic military confrontation in Hodeidah that would have greatly increased the risk of famine,” the global organization’s chief noted. “But much more needs to be done to ensure that the parties live up to their commitments, and that the true political process finally leads to peace.”

 According to Mr. Guterres, it is still possible to hold the ceasefire reached by the UN in Libya.

 “Now, it is the time to help unite the Libyan people, to advance the political process and to create conditions for the National Conference paving the way for reconciliation and future elections,” he considers. 

Speaking about Syria, the Secretary-General promised that the new Special Envoy Geir O. Pedersen would continue the efforts aimed at the achievement of political settlement. 

“In Syria, the war is far from over. Millions of civilians remain displaced, and then the constant fear of yet another humanitarian catastrophe. My new Special Envoy will continue to push for what remains the only solution – a political path – in accordance with the Security Council’s resolution 2254 and the Geneva communiqué, where the voices of all Syrians are heard,” Mr. Guterres stated. 

The UN chief also reminded that the problems of climate change are still in the focus of attention of the organization. 

“I will convene a climate summit on September 23 to mobilize action by political leaders, the business community and civil society,” he informed. 

Among other “frozen or unresolved” challenges, he indicated the situation in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Myanmar and Israeli-Palestinian conflict.