January 14, 2019

NBU Gives Outlook for Labour Migration from Ukraine in 2019

The National Bank of Ukraine expects the stabilization of the number of migrant workers from Ukraine in 2019 at the level of 2018. It was stated by the director of Monetary Policy Department under the NBU Serhii Nikolaichuk, UNN reports. 

“As for the labour migration, we, actually, expect that there will be no significant increase in the numbers of migrant workers. We believe that the number of people working abroad will be at the level of 2018,” Mr. Nikolaichuk informed. 

According to him, the amounts of money transfers from migrant workers will increase in 2019, but they will be connected with the economic situation in those countries, where Ukrainians usually work. 

The National Bank of Ukraine has earlier predicted the decrease of the pressure of labour migration of Ukrainians on the increase in salaries next year.