January 9, 2019

Spain Rescued 549 Migrants from Mediterranean Sea in Two Days

Spanish coast guard intercepted more than a dozen boats with 549 persons aboard in the Mediterranean Sea. There were children among the rescued ones, UNN reports with reference to DW. 

During two days, Spanish coast guard rescued 549 migrants, who were trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea by boats. On Saturday, January 5, coast guard found six boats in the waters to the east of the Strait of Gibraltar. There were 350 persons transferred illegally on them.

On Sunday, January 6, 199 migrants more on five boats were rescued. Two of these boats were very small and inflatable. They are not meant for covering long distances. Among others, there were four children on one them and ten adults were on the other one, AP informs. 

According to the Frontex, 57,000 migrants arrived in Spain illegally last year. It is twice as much as in 2017. 

Two boats with refugees are not allowed to enter the EU ports for two weeks. 

Meanwhile, two ships of German humanitarian organizations, which have rescued dozens of migrants in the Mediterranean, cannot enter one of the ports of the EU for two weeks, AFP reports with reference to the representative of Sea-Watch. 

There are 32 migrants aboard the Sea Watch 3, including three children. They were rescued near Libyan coast on December 22. And there are 17 rescued persons aboard the Professor Albrecht Penck. 

Malta, Italy and Spain refused to accept refugees. Germany and the Netherlands declared that they are ready to accept them, but under the condition that the other EU countries join them. 

According to the UN Refugee Agency, 2,262 migrants died or were missing trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in 2018. 

The total of 113,482 persons reached southern coasts of the EU after crossing the Mediterranean Sea last year. In 2017, their number was bigger – 172,301. 

It should be reminded that Spanish coast guard rescued 401 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean during the first two days of 2019. The number of rescued people increased eventually.