Pope Expressed Concern with Donbas Conflict


January 8, 2019

Pope Expressed Concern with Donbas Conflict

Pope Francis expressed concern in connection with the conflict in the east of Ukraine. The five-year conflict has been recently marked with the “troubling developments in the Black Sea,” the pontiff noted on Monday, January 7, during the New Year’s greetings to the ambassadors from the countries that maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See. However, Russia was not mentioned, UNN reports with reference to DW. 

Pope appealed to find “peaceful paths to the solution of the conflict” and supported the respect for international law, “which is the basis of security and coexistence in the entire region.” 

“To this end, the instruments that guarantee the free exercise of religious rights remain important,” Pope emphasized. 

Pope Francis promised to continue the humanitarian projects, which were launched earlier and which are aimed at the assistance to Ukrainian population suffering from the conflict, first of all, in the eastern regions of Ukraine. He stated about the intention to attract even more attention to the other humanitarian issues, including the one concerning the treatment of the numerous prisoners.