January 8, 2019

Greece Awards Citizenship to Three Migrants Who Rescued People in Wildfire

Greece has awarded citizenship to three migrant fishermen, who rescued people from a large-scale wildfire near Athens last July, BBC reports. 

During the solemn ceremony, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos thanked fishermen for demonstrating “solidarity and humanity” by rescuing dozens of people. 

“You are now European citizens too, and so you can teach all our partners who don’t realise the values of Europe, to do what they ought to do,” he said. 

Jake Gani from Albania, and Ibrahim Mahmoud Mousa and Emad Al Haimi from Egypt are the migrants who obtained citizenship on Wednesday. 

It is not clear exactly how many people they have rescued from the wildfire, but the Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis said that three migrants together with Greek colleagues saved the lives of “dozens of our compatriots” 

It should be reminded that on July 23, a fire started at a popular sea resort in the village of Mati. It was caused by strong winds. People appeared to be in trap in their homes or in narrow streets. Many were not able to escape due to compact planning and encumbered access to the coast. 

The number of wildfire victims reached 100. In December, a 73-year-old man died in the hospital because of burns. This wildfire became one of the deadliest in Europe since 1900.